Fengshui tips for your baby's nursery

Give her room to bloom

Your newborn spends hours in her nursery. ELISA CHIA finds out how to plan the space better, with fengshui tips that may enhance her well-being.


So you've bought the perfect cot and changing table for Baby's room.

Don't just stop there - it's important to put some thought into the decor and layout of the nursery, as well.

At least, that's what fengshui practitioners recommend.

They believe that by arranging the nursery according to Chinese metaphysical principles, qi or energy will flow more smoothly.

To create a harmonious environment, you might want to get an expert to read your little one's ba zi (eight characters derived from the date and time of birth). That will provide a more accurate and detailed reading.

Here, master Goh Guan Leong from Way Fengshui Group shares general advice on how to design the space.


Know your baby's lucky colour

Her birth month is a useful general guide.

If your baby is born in November, December or January, use bright pink, red, purple and orange.

Add only dashes of these bold hues to white walls, not the entire room, so she won't be overstimulated.

If she is born in February, March or April, her auspicious colours are white, grey and gold.

If she is born in May, June or July, you can choose soothing shades of blue over bright accents, as well as black.

And if she is born in August, September or October, she'll do well in a - literally - green environment.


Find the right spot for her cot

Again, her birth month can help to determine the favourable direction for her bed.

If she is born in November, December or January, the cot - where her feet are pointing - should face south.

If she is born in February, March or April, west is the ideal direction.

If she is born in May, June or July, the cot should face north.

If she is born in August, September or October, it should face east.

In addition, the cot should be preferably backed by a wall. Don't place it in the direct line of path with the door or toilet, or under a beam.

Babies who are born in November, December or January - also known as the winter season, of which your little one is more likely to be "cold" in body type - should not have their cots face the air-conditioner.

Regardless of your child's ba zi, always choose bedding with simple and calming motifs to help her get a good night's sleep.


Ensure good flow of qi

Generally, one sleeps more comfortably in an air-conditioned room when the weather is hot. But from the fengshui perspective, this might restrict positive energy flow.

As far as possible, reduce the use of air-conditioning; open the windows regularly to let in fresh air.

Keeping the room clean and clutter-free is another way to improve the flow of qi and enhance your little one's sleep quality.

You should also remove all unnecessary electronic gadgets, such as TVs and computers.


Choose bedding with simple and calming motifs to help her get a good night's sleep.


Consider her temperament

If your infant is impatient and demanding, a nature or garden theme could help calm her.

For little ones with an easy-going personality, a racing car theme might arouse their fighting spirit and enthusiasm.

Keep the room decor as simple as possible if your baby gets distracted easily or has special needs. Avoid wallpaper with wild, overwhelming patterns.

To ease her separation anxiety, consider hanging a mobile over her cot as it can have a calming effect on her.

Put your love on display

Personalise the nursery with family photos, drawings, awards and trophies. These symbols of love and recognition can help stimulate positive thinking, which is conducive for your child's success.

But refrain from placing sharp or intimidating objects, such as a decorative sword. These will make her feel insecure in her own room.


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