Filipina wants your help to find her handsome dream guy on the MRT

A Filipino girl spotted her handsome dream guy on the MRT in Singapore, and posted a courageous video proclaiming her feelings for him.

This video, posted by Harlene Azuela last year, has steadily gone viral and has been reshared more than a thousand times on Facebook and on content-sharing sites like All Singapore Stuff.

Azuela said in her video:

"Have you ever had that moment when someone catches your eye, but you didn't do anything about it?"

"Well it happened to me and unfortunately like most people, I didn't do anything about it.

"So this is me, doing something. I need your help guys, I need you to help me find this guy."

This description accompanies her Facebook video:

"Due to insistent public demand I have decided to upload this paparazzi video (I was of course the paparazzi!) of a handsome guy inside the train at Singapore.

"This video was inspired by Star Cinema's She's The One, so hashtag and share all you want let's see if it could happen in real life."

She's The One is a Filipino romantic-comedy which revolves around a similar plot.

A guy had spotted a girl fixing her car in the rain and was immediately entranced by her. He took a video of her, posted it on social media titled "Girl in the Rain". It went viral and after a series of events, the lovers found their way to each other.

Netizens have praised her for her bravery in posting such a video and letting it go viral.

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