Fun before the finals

SINGAPORE - It was perhaps their last chance to have some fun together before the real work begins.

This year's The New Paper New Face Top 20 girls made their final public appearance before a winner is crowned this week.

In the midst of rehearsals, they made their way to the Levi's Roadshow for the fashion brand's new line of jeans for women, Levi's Revel jeans, at Ion Orchard last Saturday.

The finals, an invite-only affair, will be held at Takashimaya Square on Thursday at 7pm.

The New Paper New Face is presented by Subaru MotorImage and co-sponsored by Levi's and New Look.

Customers were allowed to take photos in the Levi's Revel photobooth with the girls and were treated to games - hosted by HOT FM 91.3 DJs Boy Thunder and Charmaine Yee - where they could win $200 worth of Levi's shopping vouchers.

Decked in their jeans sponsored by Levi's, the girls mingled with guests and took turns at getting their photos taken in the photobooth.

"The event was crazy. Everyone who was walking past just stopped and stared at you, and you have this extra pressure. You start wondering if they think you are not fit enough to be in the Top 20," said 19-year-old finalist Ong Qian Ni, who is studying sports and leisure management at Republic Polytechnic.

"But I'm glad that some people we know actually came down and supported us."

The event was teeming with photographers snapping away, and judging by the way Samantha Tan, an early childhood student at Temasek Polytechnic, posed effortlessly for the camera, it was impossible to tell that she had once been camera-shy.

Confidence boost

"This whole (New Face) experience has given my confidence a boost. I've learnt how to be more aware of my surroundings and how to maintain my (public) image."

Despite her newfound confidence though, she remains nervous for the finals.

"My friends have never seen me in this light. I don't even put on makeup when I'm with them - I'm more goofy."

But the 19-year-old added: "I just tell myself to be confident and focused. My family always tells me that it doesn't matter whether you win or not. Making it to the Top 20 is already a great achievement for me."

Another finalist, Aprile Marangos, 15, has been keeping to a diet, going to the gym and getting a lot of sleep to prepare herself for the big day.

"I'm nervous, but I'm also excited," the Australian International School student said, before adding that "every girl (in the Top 20) deserves to win".

Just like the rest of the girls, Aprile has a lot to take away from the contest.

"New Face taught me how to be more organised, and (how to apply) proper makeup. Manners and communication too (are key learning points)."

And just who are the supposed front runners this year?

Ong, Tan and Aprile think that Jade Rasif, Maya Tan, Asyiha Ams, all 19, or Noelle Woon, 16, might take home the title of New Face 2013.

"(That is) based on height, looks and catwalk," the three girls said.

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