Get ready for Diwali

Diwali is round the corner and you want to look your best. Here is my list of fave festive aesthetic treatments for men and women.

Get a glowing complexion

Get skin that is radiant and glowing, spotless and has an even colour. Depending on the complexion, treatment can vary from a chemical peel to a medical facial. Lighten pigmentation through various peels combined with medicated lightening creams.

For a quick fix

Ever wondered how different a medical facial is from a facial in a beauty salon? Medical facials use specially-formulated serums that target a problem, be it ageing, acne or pigmentation. The glowing effect of the facial lasts longer and because there is no down time, it is perfect just before an event. There is the Hollywood Facial or Hydrafacial, and both are hits in Hollywood.

Treat dark eye circles

Dark circles plague many, especially Indians. There are many factors involved, such as pigmentation, dry wrinkly skin and hollowness under the eye. Although this is a difficult condition to treat, advances in technology in the form of medical-grade eye creams, laser, chemical peels and collagen fillers for the sunken lower eye area can make you look less tired.

Remove unwanted hair

The Lightsheer diode laser gives a fast and painless end to unwanted hair in any part of the body.

Get a spotless back

Lightening creams and chemical peels can help clear unsightly pigmentation spots or pimples on the back.

Make your jawline look sharper

One or several sessions of radiofrequency (Thermage or Sublime) will create a sharper, youthful jawline.

For more defined facial features

Create fuller lips and/or cheeks by using fillers to add volume. Fillers on strategic points of the lips or cheek can create a more alluring effect.

Dr Komathy Rajaratnam is the founder of The Lifestyle Clinic at 16-03 Camden Medical Centre, Tel: 6733-0788. Her articles in upcoming issues will deal with beauty and aesthetic issues relevant to the Indian body type.

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