Gifts for your partner this Valentine's Day


Aide De Camp Rei Camera Bag

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Singapore brand Aide De Camp shows that a camera bag can be stylish as well as functional.

With real leather handles and gold-plated hardware, the Aide De Camp Rei Camera Bag looks sleek and stylish, something a fashionista would not look out of place with at a party or some other social event.

Padded on the inside, the bag has adjustable velcro dividers that can accommodate one camera body and up to three lenses.

There are two interior side pockets and a main zippered compartment for other essentials.

With its durable waterresistant woven nylon, the Rei keeps her valuable gear safe from coffee or wine spills.

This is an ideal camera bag for a fashionable photographer who refuses to compromise on style.

Pearl: Compact Mirror + USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

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US$39.95 (S$54), from

A woman's purse will always have space for a compact mirror but not necessarily for a power bank. So why not combine the two?

The Pearl is a simple yet elegant device that fulfils two basic needs.

The circular device opens up like a clam shell to reveal two mirrors, including one with 3x magnification.

The body of the unit has an LED ring that lights up automatically when the mirror is opened.

Of course, the secret to this baby is the 3,000 mAh battery built into the base.

This offers 2.1A charging, which means it can charge your phone and tablet.

There are also indicator lights to warn you if the battery pack itself needs a recharge.

Think about it. The Pearl is a gift that your girlfriend or wife can use, and ups your credibility as a geek because it also serves her need for emergency power.

Available in silver, gold and red, the mirror compact is 90mm in diameter, 13mm thick and weighs only 119g.

Fitbit Charge HR

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Wearables seem to be the next must-have accessory for gadget lovers.

For the active individual who is fond of the outdoors, a fitness tracker makes more sense than a smartwatch.

Not only do fitness trackers monitor everything she does, they also last longer than smartwatches on a single charge.

Take the new Fitbit Charge HR, which can last up to five days. This lightweight band has a heart-rate monitor.

This, together with Fitbit's built-in pedometer, gives an excellent gauge of how many calories she actually burns in a day. When paired with a smartphone, the Fitbit alerts her of incoming calls.

The data collected by the Fitbit is presented nicely in an app, which includes additional features such as the ability to use her smartphone's GPS to track her runs.

Swarovski USB Crystalline Memory Stick and Ballpoint Pen Set

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Swarovski's USB Crystalline Memory Stick might be the most practical and yet beautiful techie gift for her. The set comes with a matching Crystalline Ballpoint Pen.

The 4GB USB drive has 140 sparkling clear crystals on it. So each time she plugs it into her computer to upload or download her photos and documents, she can admire the beautiful crystals while waiting for the transfer to be completed.

LG G Flex 2

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Price to be confirmed; pre-order from Feb 27 from telcos

The LG G Flex 2 smartphone stands out from more pedestrian phones with its fashionable curved design, which is sure to please her style sense.

Despite its stylish curves, the G Flex 2 has a blazing-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, which should help it to chew through any of her resource-intensive apps and games.

A beefy 3000mAh battery powers the device. It also features quick-charge technology, which can restore 60 per cent of the battery's capacity in just 30 minutes.

The most fascinating thing about the G Flex 2 is that it has a self-healing back cover that makes scratch marks quickly disappear.FOR HIM

GoPro Hero4 Black

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Is your significant other a thrill-seeker? If so, GoPro's Hero4 Black action camera would be the perfect gift for him this Valentine's Day.

It records videos at resolutions from 1,080p full high-definition to 4K.

Every surf session or bike ride promises to look amazing.

The 12-megapixel camera captures still images that have the same quality as its videos.

The device has a processor that is twice as powerful as its predecessor, resulting in better image quality. It is also waterproof down to 40m.

A variety of mounts available lets him strap the camera to his chest, clip it to his bicycle or even attach it to his surfboard to ride with him.

Parrot Bebop Drone

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$719, from Apple Store Singapore

To keep things fresh between you and your partner, try out new activities together.

How about learning to fly a drone?

For beginners, Parrot's latest Bebop drone hits the sweet spot between cheap, toy-like drones and expensive, prosumer models.

More importantly, the Bebop's plastic body is lightweight and less likely to break up if you send it crashing into a wall. As an extra safety measure, the propellers are designed to stop upon collision.

He can fly the Bebop using an app on his phone or tablet (iOS and Android). The app can also upload flight videos from the drone's camera to YouTube.

A separate controller is available for purchase if he is really into it.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism

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Tired of the speakers blaring endlessly during his interminable gaming sessions?

Get him a pair of SteelSeries' top-of-the-line gaming headsets.

The Siberia Elite Prism is a step up from its previous iteration.

It has an upgraded in-line mic and improved self-adjusting headband.

The plush leatherette cushioning and illuminated rings from the Siberia Elite are also found in this model.

The Siberia Elite Prism offers 7.1 channel audio, letting him detect every gunshot and that sneaky opponent trying to creep up on him during an intense firefight.

The SteelSeries Engine 3 adds a level of customisation. It lets him tweak the audio channels - perfect for switching from gaming to music or a movie.

Silo Mesh Card

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$96, available at

The Silo Mesh Card is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) shield that protects credit cards from skimming devices.

Only 1.5mm thick, it can be tucked into a wallet easily.

The Mesh Card can be used as a stand-alone wallet. Its removable silicone band can hold currency notes and credit cards.

Made of titanium with a scratch-resistant coating, the card is built to withstand daily knocks and bumps.

In a pinch, it even works as a bottle opener for that beer in the fridge.

Or a smartphone stand to prop up his Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Note 3 to watch his favourite Youtube videos.

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini

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Picture a shoe that he wears like a skintight sock; a shoe that sticks to him so like a second skin that when his foot moves, the shoe does, too.

Yet, it still provides plenty of freedom of movement, and offers exceptional support for any activity. And it has a design that is simply breathtaking.

Better known for its line of athletic apparel, Under Armour started making shoes a while back.

These are not your regular running shoes in loud colours.

Like its clothes, Under Armour uses material that conforms to your body and gives it plenty of support. And in case you are wondering, yes, Under Armour uses the same material and manufacturing techniques for its shoes as it does for its bras.

The SpeedForm Gemini's sole is of a foam that is sturdy enough for running, but has enough give to hold his foot in place without causing discomfort.

If your guy is in the market for something functional and aesthetically pleasing, the SpeedForm Gemini is one of the best sports shoes in the market.FOR HIM OR HER

MiPow Playbulb Candle

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Give scented candles a miss - consider the MiPow PlayBulb Candle instead.

It is a novel way to add some pizzazz to your Valentine's Day dinner date.

It can be controlled with a smart device via the PlayBulb X app, which lets you select from a variety of lighting colours.

You can do trigger pulsing, flashing and fading effects with the light - perfect for setting the mood.

And, if that does not sound fancy enough, the device features a scent diffuser, which is capable of releasing a soothing lavender fragrance.

There are no cables and nothing to recharge. It just takes a trio of AA batteries. If you insist on using a real candle, just flip the PlayBulb Candle upside down and it doubles as a proper candle holder.

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

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If your Valentine is a fussy gamer geek who takes every effort to create the best video-gaming experience, this is one monitor that will surely earn his respect.

You are paying twice as much as what a regular 27-inch would cost, but for good reason. Expect vibrant colours with its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and its ability to swivel, pivot and tilt.

A fast 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms pixel-response rate ensure smooth gameplay.

The monitor boasts a feature called G-Sync and has an extra computer chip built in so it displays the images in sync with what is rendered by the graphics card.

Beats Mixr

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Sharing music is wonderful. Sharing one set of earbuds or headphones is not.

For one thing, it means that you each hear just one side of a stereophonic recording.

But with Beats Mixr headphones and their daisy-chain functionality, you can plug in a second pair of earphones or headphones, so that both of you can really share the music together in full stereo.

As a bonus, these headphones are built from premium materials and look incredibly stylish, so they are also a fashion statement.

Eubiq E-Track

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The danger of tripping over wires seems to be commonplace in many households.

The problem is multiplied now by the proliferation of devices, from gaming consoles to chargers for portable gadgets, littering the family home.

The answer could be Eubiq's E-Track power outlet system. Easy to install and use, it does not require you to rewire your electrical system.

The adaptors (power sockets) are plugged in via a simple twist-to-lock mechanism and automatically pop out when they are wrongly inserted.

This essentially makes the device idiot-proof.

Another perk would be the E-Track's ability to add up to eight adaptors, many more than your usual power extension.

Anova Precision Cooker

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US$298.99 (S$402) with shipping included, from

Nothing expresses love like a homecooked meal. If you cannot cook, you can ease the toil for your significant other by giving him or her a sous-vide cooker.

The sous-vide method is often used by professional chefs. The food is cooked in sealed plastic bags immersed in water. This ensures that the food stays juicy and tender, and will not get overcooked.

The Anova Precision Cooker has a heating element that cooks the food, and a timer to control cooking times. The website also sells a 220V version for local use.

Unlike restaurant-grade models, Anova's sous-vide immersion circulators are designed for home chefs. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

An upcoming companion iPhone app (via Bluetooth) lets you select the type of food, such as chicken breast, then loads the recommended cooking time and temperature settings automatically.

This gift may not arrive in time for your Valentine's Day meal, but it may come in handy for future birthday celebrations and other special occasions.

All reports by Oo Gin Lee, Sherwin Loh, Trevor Tan, Vincent Chang, Ebel Tang and Joshua Chen

This article was first published on February 11, 2015.
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