This grandma is the Instagram Queen we all want to be when we're 89

PHOTO: Instagram/Baddiewinkle

In a world that celebrates the young and the young-looking, there seems to be no place for the older generation-particularly in social media. You know it yourself; when your parents asked you to sign them up on Facebook or Instagram, you probably rolled your eyes. You probably dreaded the endless questions about how to post this photo, how to use those filters on their IG story, etc.

But despite these notions, Helen Ruth Ela Van Winkle, also known as Baddiewinkle, proves to the world that no one is too old for social media.

Baddiewinkle is an American internet personality who became popular after her great granddaughter uploaded a photo of her dressed in a tye-dye shirt and cut-off shorts. The post instantly went viral. She was 85 then.

Baddiewinkle is best known for her iconic looks.ย  Her social media tagline, which is โ€œStealing Yo Man Since 1928โ€, became a popular byword among her followers. Baddiewinkleย sharedย that after she lost her husband in a car accident and her son to bone cancer, she got tired of grieving and decided to reinvent herself.

With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Baddiewinkle proves to the world that no matter what youโ€™ve been through, you can still rise above it and live your life to the fullest.


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