Groom ditches bride for being ugly

It is every bride's worst nightmare.

On her wedding day, a Saudi Arabian bride removed her veil and smiled for the camera.

But the groom leapt to his feet in disgust.

He told her in front of all the invited guests that she was not the girl he wanted to marry, the Mail Online reported, quoting an article from a Saudi Arabian daily, Okaz.

The couple, from the Western Saudi town of Medinah, had agreed to marry each other despite having never met face to face - a popular custom in certain Middle Eastern countries.

"You are not the one I had imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you," the groom was quoted as saying.

Okaz reported that the bride immediately collapsed in a fit of tears.

Panicking, guests tried to resolve the dispute, but the groom would have none of it.

Social media erupted in fury after the news began making the rounds.

Netizen Afra wrote on one social media network: "He caused her great pain through his irresponsible attitude, and he deserves to suffer."

"He should appreciate that beauty is in the character, not the face."

"Unfortunately, many young people today are interested only in looks and ignore values and morals."

Mr Abu Nass, another netizen, lambasted the groom, reported.

He said: "He is not man enough to assume his responsibilities. He is totally, completely insensitive. Nobody had forced him to marry her."

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