Haha and Byul welcome new son Dream

Haha and Byul welcome new son Dream


Running Man star Haha--Ha Dong Hoon--and wife Byul--Kim Go Eun--welcomed their new baby today, on July 9, 2013. Their son is named Dream.

Haha shared the news on his Twitter account writing several estatic-sounding posts, thanking God and his wife. The name, dream, is apparently inspired by children being seen as God's dream.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Haha and Byul!

You can read all the post on Haha's official Twitter account (@Quanninomarley). The posts are all in Korean, but a few of them, translated, read:

"2013.7.9 8:15 am. God's Dream.. Right now..Dream is laughing while looking at me~^^ I became a father!! My good son, Dream, who was born a week prior to his expected due date! This Tuesday was made possible by God's blessing~ I also had no schedule today due to cancellation! I am really thankful to God who has such amazing sense~"

"Glory to God the father~ I love you!! And more than anything else.. My wife Go Eun.. The tiny baby is crying so much.. You don't know how much I was brought to tears by her courage.. Go Eun ah.. Thank you.. I Love you.."

"A new addition to our small 'byul' [star] family hehehe Let's live happily~ I love you so so much.. And to all those in the world who are mothers.. I respect and love you! fighting to every married man! Single men~~Follow my lead~~hehe Ah..... I am so happy!! Thank you!! Live well~~^^"

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