Hairstylists are using Nutella to dye hair to a chocolate brown

Hairstylists are using Nutella to dye hair to a chocolate brown
PHOTO: Instagram/@abedallahitani

Having been on a DIY roll this past weekend, I'm pleased as punch to say I may have chanced upon a miracle beauty worker - and it involves Nutella!

To wit, a colourist at Beirut-based salon Abed & Samer has posted a couple of hair-raising videos on Instagram depicting a dye job using globs of the beloved breakfast spread, like so:


Seeing as how the videos all cut to the end result of a chocolatey coiffure with no explanatory in-between to account for, one has to raise the billion-dollar beauty question: Will it work?

I suppose the spread would stain your strands, if only temporarily, and the nut oils would probably serve some sort of conditioning purpose.

In other words: There's no harm in giving this trick a shot, especially if you have leftover Nutella lying about in the kitchen and aren't squeamish about stickiness.

Some good news: The (hopefully ravishing) result of this chocolatey cover-up is perfectly aligned with the exquisitely evocative "chocolate-mauve" tinted tress trend that's slowly but surely blowing up on beauty blogs everywhere.

Even better, this mocha mane has the potential to be fabulously fascinating and flattering across the entire skin spectrum - a cool complexioned chick should be able to pull off a beguiling brown just as well as a warm bronzed babe.

One last thing.

Your burnished brown locks will be perfect paired with festive finery, so now is as good a time as any to switch things up on the follicular front.

Right, then. You know the drill: Holler and let us know if this hack works for you.

"Hairs" hoping this story will get you out of a hairy situation.

Good luck with your locks!

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