Hannah Quinlivan almost gave birth underwater in Australia

PHOTO: Facebook

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan, managed to regain her fit figure within a month after giving birth to a baby daughter.

Quinlivan disclosed she wanted to try undergoing the water birth method in Australia but eventually gave birth via C-section in Taiwan due to a change in plans during her pregnancy, reported Asian E-News Portal.

She shared that through the water birth method, her husband could stay with her in the water and that she did not need not be wheeled into the " very cold" surgery room. Through her research, she also found out that water births have the benefit of being more relaxing and less stressful on mother and baby.

Quinlivan expressed hope at being able to give birth underwater in future, leading readers to speculate that she might already be planning for baby number 2. 

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