He stole 450 pairs of high heels

A man arrested for stealing high-heel shoes from a Tokyo hostess club was found to have a total of 450 purloined pairs when his room was searched, Japanese police said.

"I've felt pleasure in stealing high heels. I was not interested in brand-new products," Sho Sato, 28, told investigators after he was arrested on Tuesday, according to Tokyo police.

Sato, who is jobless and has no fixed residence, broke into the changing room of the hostess club in Tokyo's glitzy Ginza district last November and stole 14 pairs of high heels and cosmetics, the police said.

They later confiscated some 450 pairs of high heels from a room he rented.

"The lockers at the club's changing room were a treasure chest," Sato was quoted as telling the police.

At hostess clubs, men buy women drinks for company, conversation, and sometimes, sex.

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