Heartbreaking commercial sheds light on stigma faced by China's 'leftover women'

PHOTO: Video screengrabs/SKII

If you're past 25, being single can be brutal. There are your annoying aunts who keep bugging you about getting married and some insensitive few who kid about whether you play for the other team (As if there was something wrong with that.)

Women in China have it tougher, however. For ladies who are still unmarried by the time they hit 25 years old, they are called "leftover women" or "Sheng nu."

As if being likened to food one no longer wants to consume or gives to the dogs, these women are pressured even more as staying single is tantamount to giving dishonor to the family.

In a four-minute short documentary, SK-II not only shares these women's stories but also seeks to change their labels from "leftover women" to "power women."

As part of their campaign for their new product, Changing Destiny, the video is all about how women who choose to be happy, with or without getting married, are of worth and are independent of all the old hang-ups we've associated singlehood with.

So, for those of you who are feeling sorry for yourself because of yet another date-less Friday, this one is for you.

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