Here's how to get watermelon lips and nails

Who doesn't love a sweet and juicy slice of watermelon? Now you can quench your thirst just by looking at these adorable beauty ideas inspired by the succulent fruit.

Get inspired to recreate slices of watermelon in your make-up and nails, and even hair colour this summer.

Whether it's for your eye make-up or nails, simply focus on the four key colours of the juicy watermelon: red to represent its fleshy centre, green for its outer rind, white for the inner rind and black for the seeds.

You'll find room to play with these key shades by toning down the red to a pinkish hue, and opting for a lighter or milkier tone for the green.

The full-on watermelon make-up may not be an everyday look but it will get your creative juices going when you're having fun with make-up. And, seriously, who knew red, green and black could live so harmoniously on your eyelids?

Painting these warm-weather fruit ideas onto your skin and nails this season will keep you looking cool and hot at the same time!

These watermelon bites look like they’re growing out of your nails.
Photo: Instagram/ NailsbyCambria
Break the monotony with two different designs on your nails.
Photo: Instagram/ Phenomenail
A chic colour pairing that gives hints of the melon for nails.
Photo: Instagram/ Justagirlandhernails
A white eyeliner beautifully highlights the nature of watermelon.
Photo: Instagram/ Ileanavelaquez
Pastel pink and green offer a softer interpretation of the watermelon lips.
Photo: Instagram/ Minnie Oh
Here’s the perfect slice of watermelon painted on the eye using tape to create the triangle.
Photo: Instagram/ Makeupbyragnhild