Here's how you can update your regular style with chic gold jewellery

Getting dressed up is always a fun thing.

OK, we admit it can get a little stressful at times.

From choosing what to wear to selecting a pair of shoes that would go best with the day's OOTD - it's not easy being a fashionista.

Then there's the question about accessorising. Yes, or forget about it?

Let's face it, plenty of women who are time-strapped will skip the whole process of picking out matching jewellery.

However, we're convinced that the new designs in the ORO22 collection by homegrown jeweller Poh Heng are more than just très chic.

Photo: Poh Heng

In fact, the dazzling pieces unveiled at a private media launch on Wednesday (Apr 19) are comfortably wearable.

Photo: Poh Heng

And to prove it, celebrity stylist Keith Png was on hand to lay out some tips on how easy it can be to bedazzle outfits.

The collection, which comes in the ORO22 signature shade of "Moonlight Glow", could really help busy and style-conscious women in making quick decisions when putting an outfit together in the mornings.

Png showed how it's possible to have on as many as three items from the collection - a graceful twist necklace, bracelet as well as a cocktail ring - to complement an outfit for a day at the office. That's right, all that jewellery for a daytime look. Believe it or not, it works.

Photo: Poh Heng

And there's no need to remove any of these accessories you've piled on if you're thinking of grabbing a 'Happy Hour' drink after work.

Maybe consider removing that blazer you have on - but the chosen bling stays on.

To paint a clearer picture, the pieces seem to go really well with dresses in these shades: bright yellow, mint green and of course - the quintessential shade of black.

Photo: Poh Heng 


Photo: Poh Heng

We know this because Png balanced the ORO22 collection designs with clean-cut dresses by another homegrown label, In Good Company, in the aforementioned colours.

The stylist truly displayed how easy it is for women to pick up the right style cues by mixing it up a little with contemporary jewellery, especially ones that are as elegant as the designs in Poh Heng's new collection.

"Showcasing the versatility, beauty and intensity of 22K gold, we dedicate this new collection to the modern woman, and celebrate their vivacious personalities with the subtle sheen of ORO22's signature shade of Moonlight Glow," says Ms Pamela Seow, manager of marketing and communications, Poh Heng.

Photo: Poh Heng

So ladies, step out of your comfort zone and tell yourselves that celebrities aren't the only ones on this planet who can exude timeless style.

The new ORO22 collection will be available from May 2017 at all Poh Heng boutiques island wide.