HK actor & beauty queen take unusual wedding photos in dirty back alley

We have seen fancy castles and the ever-regal Eiffel Tower as must-haves in many weddings shots, but TVB actors Jason Chan, 38, and Sarah Song, 30, had other ideas to commemorate their matrimony.

Kicking it "Hong Kong style", groom Jason chose the backstreet eatery as the backdrop of their wedding pictures. The pair grew up overseas but met in Hong Kong, according to Jaynestars.

In a dark alley, stools, folded tables and large cooking utensils line the ground - one would hardly be able walk through the area, much less in a figure-hugging gown, but this is just the place the happy couple have chosen for their wedding shots.

Beauty queen Sarah Song donned a diamond tiara and a dark orange, cleavage-baring gown and hammed it up with her three bridesmaids - fellow beauty queens - Leanne Li, Sherry Chen and Samantha Ko, with street food and chopsticks. They also took a shot outside a 7-11 outlet looking oh-so-casual chilling and flipping through magazines with Jason peeking over.

With the steam creating a dreamy mist and delicious snacks tantalising their taste buds, it's no wonder their smiles look candid and relaxed, and their shots playful.

Their tuxedo and prom-like gowns may have caught many stares, but the contrast between street-style and high-glamour saw the group looking like they just stepped out of a editorial fashion shoot of a magazine.

They plan to have their wedding ceremony in late 2016 due to work obligations and will be holding weddings in Australia and England as they have family and friends there, Jaynestars added.