HK celebs' kids caught in media frenzy during first day of school

PHOTO: My Paper

It is the time of year when schools reopen in Hong Kong, and for a bunch of celebrity parents like Cecilia Cheung, Shirley Yeung and Miriam Yeung, it also marks the first day of school for their tots, who have grown up under the media glare.

According to previous reports, Cecilia Cheung and ex-husband Nicholas Tse had successfully gotten a place for their two kids at a popular international school in Hong Kong.

Cheung along with sons Lucas, 8, and Quintus, 5, have been living in Singapore since 2013 but it seems like due to the siblings' education considerations, the trio have relocated back to Hong Kong.

On Sep 1 at about 8am, Lucas and Quintus arrived at school in a black MPV, My Paper reported. Cheung did not appear to be with them.

The vehicle was greeted by a swarm of paparazzi desperate to get a photo of the siblings.

With the help of their driver, helpers and the school's security team, the pair were quickly ushered into the school through the carpark.

When school ended at about 3pm, the driver came back to pick them up, along with their helpers and a woman believed to be Cheung's assistant.

Even then, more than 10 reporters were still stationed outside the school in wait. Two Caucasian men as well as security members had to motion them back to keep them at a distance.

Photo: My Paper

Older brother Lucas shot inside the vehicle at bullet speed, while 5-year-old Quintus proved that he's definitely a celebrity's child by shielding his face with his hands as he got into the car.

Actress Miriam Yeung was also spotted on Aug 31 accompanying only child Torres, 3, to nursery, but due to work commitments the next day, her mother had to do the honours instead.

Photo: My Paper

According to My Paper, the well-behaved and media-savvy boy did not shy away from the cameras and even waved at reporters.

Paparazzi also lay in wait as actress Shirley Yeung accompanied her daughter to school. The energetic 3-year-old also greeted reporters with a chirpy "good morning!" as they passed.

Photo: My Paper

However, one celebrity offspring that has not been sighted so far is Andy Lau's 3-year-old daughter Hanna.

It was reported in July that Lau's wife Carol Chu had joined a queue to register the tot in a nursery.

But so far, there has been no sign of Hanna nor her famous parents at the school, leading the media to comment on the excellent skills of well-known protective dad, Lau.

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