H&M Beauty Singapore launch: 5 products to look out for

H&M Beauty Singapore launch: 5 products to look out for

In case you haven't heard, H&M Beauty will finally be coming to Singapore later this year, just one year after its online launch in 2015.

H&M Beauty is making its Asian debut at the H&M Orchard building and we cannot wait. Get ready for ‒ get this ‒ over 700 beauty products to hit the shelves; from makeup and skincare to bodycare and fragrances. Are you salivating yet?!

That means entering a H&M store and being able to purchase your entire look in one go - as if we needed more reason to shop there!

The best part? The brand will be introducing new products and shades every season, so you might want to clear out your beauty table to make way for some of these products.

Unfortunately, we don't have any specific dates just yet, but the launch is set for the third quarter of this year, which is just a few months away!

While we wait, though, we might as well get excited about what's to come because it's always best to go into battle armed and prepped.

And judging from the queues the H&M Orchard building has seen for the brand's fashion collaborations, war is definitely brewing.

1. Cream eyeshadows

Personally, this is the one I've got my, well, eyes trained on.

Since its launch last year, there has been plenty of hype surrounding the eyeshadows, but the one that's gotten the most attention is the cream shadow range.

Not only are the colours vibrant and wearable, the formulas are apparently well-pigmented too. As for how they wear, well, that's a whole other review waiting to be written when the products finally arrive!

2. Nail polish

Now that summer trends are upon us, you can expect bright shades, pops of colours - and lots of it.

However, if that isn't your thing, it's totally fine because H&M will constantly be updating the shades offered, which means you'll never get bored (or be unable to find your perfect colour).

Reason to keep going back for more. Although based off online reviews, it seems like H&M's chip-resistant formula will be reason enough.

3. Lipstick

Nothing makes a woman feel more powerful than some well-pigmented, long-lasting lippies, and judging by reviews I've seen of H&M lipsticks, it seems like the company knows it too.

While nothing can truly replace MAC, Chanel or NARS in my heart, the reviews have my wallet stoked to find a new go-to product.

And it doesn't hurt that the shades are pretty too.

4. Matte finishing powder

You don't need us to remind you, but we'll throw a gripe in anyway: Singapore is extremely hot, and unwanted sweat stains aside, smudgey makeup is never a good look.

That's why using a good primer (which, incidentally, is another product to expect from H&M's launch) is always important.

However, on nights (or days) when you've got a more intense makeup look going on, you'll need more than just a good primer - you'll need some good powder to keep everything in tact and in place.

And hopefully, the matte finishing powder from H&M will be the inexpensive product to do just that.

Bonus for it being matte too, since most of us will have more than enough shine from the sweat

5. H&M's 'Conscious' range

Of course, we can't forget that the environment is suffering, as evidenced from the heat wave we're all grumbling about.

So that's why we're super excited that H&M is launching an eco-friendly line. Yes, that includes lipbalms, face masks and body oils.

It's skin-care and environment-care, the best kind of multitasking beauty product.

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