Hong Kong actress Linda Chung's quick marriage speculated to be shotgun

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung's quick marriage speculated to be shotgun

Popular TVB actress Linda Chung's wedding announcement has led many to speculate that it is a shotgun marriage, reported Hong Kong media.

While Chung has not officially confirmed her pregnancy, Jayne Stars reported that she might be around five months along from the looks of her small baby bump.

The 31-year-old announced that she has been married to chiropractor, known as Jeremy, since late 2015 and is set to have the wedding ceremony on Feb 27.

Little is known about him except that the 41-year-old Canadian Chinese is from Vancouver and that he is the nephew of TVB Chairman Norman Leung.

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According to Jayne Stars, the Canadian-born actress met her husband through her elder sister. It is unclear if her sister was a patient of his.

Jeremy is said to have a small practice of seven employees and earns close to US$1 million (S$1.4 million) a year.

The pair is reported to have dated for about a year, added Jayne Stars, before he proposed.


During media events in San Francisco and Las Vegas in Feb 2016, Chung was spotted wearing a diamond ring and loose clothing.

Known to be a private person, Chung announced her marriage in a lengthy post on her Sina Weibo micro-blog, revealing details about her husband.

She said that they are both from the same Christian faith and had a simple and formal ceremony to register their marriage last year with their family and friends.

She addressed her pregnancy rumours by saying that she will not be responding to them and asked for some personal space. At the "appropriate time", she will share any good news with the public, she wrote in her post.

The 31-year-old also thanked her fellow celebrity friends Lianne Li, Eliza Sam, Grace Wong, Christine Kuo and her management team at TVB for keeping her relationship and marriage "under wraps".

The actress-singer also asked for consideration for her husband and to help "protect him" and "forgive him" as she said he might not be well-versed in dealing with the media.

According to online reports, Chung has only dated one other person in the entertainment industry.

She was involved with martial arts star Philip Ng for around seven years, but it ended when Chung wanted to settle down, reported Jayne Stars.

The actress then went back home to Canada after the breakup and during this period, she met her future husband.

Fans and followers of Chung have mostly responded with well-wishes and cheers. Some have said that her husband is not matching with her in terms of looks.


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