How can I make my eyes looks wider and brighter, instantly?

Members of the K-Pop girl group 4minute.

How can I make my eyes look wider and brighter, instantly?

Just stick to these few tips and get eyes that are as wide as the stars of K-Pop girl group 4Minute (above).

These tricks will make your peepers look much larger.

1. When applying eye concealer, do not forget the inner corners of the peepers that are usually darker.

2. Tap a liquid highlighter onto the entire upper lid, just below the brows, to make the area - especially if it is sunken - look fuller.

3. Apply a pencil gel liner on the upper water line (the wet strip of flesh between the lashes and eyeballs) and in between the lashes.

This will create the illusion of thicker lashes and make eyes look brighter and more defined.

To make eyes look even larger, wear liner on the lower water line - very thinly - as well.

4. Forget about the cat-eye flicks.

Use a liquid eyeliner, line the upper lashline and extend the stroke horizontally (instead of flicking it upwards) by at least 2mm.

This will make eyes look longer.

If your eyes are round and the ends point downwards, try this tip to give them a lift.

Extend the eyeliner stroke on the upper lashline above the outer corners of the peepers by one or two millimetres.

5. Crimp and coat lashes with mascara. Layer a volumising mascara over a lash-lengthening mascara for extra drama.

6. Add false lashes for maximum effect.

First, stretch, pull and rub the false lashes to make them softer, more comfortable to wear, and more natural-looking.

Then cut the false lashes into 4mm strips.

Stick on three or four pieces, with a slight space in between them, on the upper lashline.

Do so from the outer corners of the eyes.

The false lashes will look more subtle when worn in small sections, instead of a single larger piece.

Crimp lashes again and layer on more mascara to meld the false lashes and your own natural lashes together for a seamless finish.


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