How to do easy nail art at home

Hot weather has been continued and more women are wearing fewer clothes.

As there are more body parts to be revealed in summer clothes, women pay attention to waxing on arms, legs and getting nail care done.

Let's take a look at some summer nails care tips that can be easily practiced at home.

Neon Color

There is no other colour better than neon to look fresher in hot weather. In this season, colorful and unique neon colors are in trend.

Neon nail colors even look shiny at night as well. Regardless of occasion and time, neon colors can appeal their charms more than 200 per cent. Especially at parties and festivals, neon nail are perfect decoration to attract others' attention. Without any other decoration like pearls, neon is able to show off its unique charm completely.


This colour looks vivid under the sun while it looks fluorescent under UV lights. Moreover, it's made of high pigments so it's easy to present bright colour formation on nails.

Macaroon Color

If you feel uncomfortable wearing neon colors, try tone downed macaroon colors. Macaroon colors express lovely and soft mood, which helps you appeal feminine image.

Rather than applying one coat of macaroon colour alone, painting flower or dot pattern will bring out sweeter image. Using ribbon or cubic is also a great idea when applying macaroon colors. If you prefer lovely skirt or dress looks in daily life, macaroon colour is the perfect choice for you.

Nail Art At Home

The popularity of nail art has increased much more recently thanks to easy self-care tools that are sold in convenience stores. But the first thing to do before putting colors on is preparing clean hands. So removing cuticles and dead cells around nails are must-things to do.

If you want to try a new style of nail art other than putting basic colors on, try dot pattern first. Dot patterns are easy to draw even for beginners. If you don't have a dot-pattern drawing tool, use a cotton swab or toothpick.


The sizes of both sides are different so you can make different styles of dot patterns on nails.

How To Make Dot Pattern Pour some drops of nail lacquer that you will use as a dot colour on foil. → Use a dot stick or cotton swab to touch the colour. → Make dots on nails with the stick or cotton swab.

Glittering nail colors are helpful in creating fresh summer looks. As the size of glitter is bigger, it creates more dramatic effect.


Its very thin texture creates fine and glowing nail art.

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