How to flirt like a pro

Waiting for a guy to approach you from across the room is so 2014. Make the firstmove with finesse – whether you are at work or the bus stop. Here's how.


Waiting for a guy to approach you from across the room is so 2014. Make the first move with finesse - whether you are at work or the bus stop. Here's how.


Parties are great places to socialise because everyone is more relaxed and somehow connected through mutual friends. Chat him up by asking him about the host. For example, say something like: "So, how do you know James?" From there, ask him about his interests and hobbies, and focus on common topics such as your love for tennis, rock music or artisan coffee. For all you know, it might lead to a first date.


Most men love it when you ask for help because it boosts their ego. Break the ice by asking him for help with a fitness move or the exercise machine he just used. This will also give him an excuse to get physically closer. Keep your conversation going; ask him for exercise tips and moves. When you're done with your workout, compliment him ("Wow, you really know your stuff - you could be a personal trainer!") and offer to buy him a drink. Alternatively, ask him when his next workout session is, so you can get his help again.


You already have the perfect flirting tool - alcohol. So just walk up to him, flash a sexy smile and introduce yourself. Ask him what's good to eat or drink. If there's a football game on the TV, better still. Ask him which club he's rooting for or what he thinks about a particular player. Many men love football, and they find a woman who appreciates the game extremely attractive. Slowly steer the conversation towards your common interests, which will give you fodder for conversation if you do go on a proper date.


The easiest way to get his attention is to ask for directions. Fingers crossed, he might even escort you to your destination. If he does, use the journey to find out more about him by asking about his interests. Once you've reached the place, show your gratitude ("Thanks so much, you're a lifesaver!"). If he's interested in you, he'll seize the opportunity to get to know you better, by offering to buy you coffee or giving you his mobile number. Score!


Make your move in the morning when everyone's more energetic and not caught up in work yet. If he's new, warmly welcome him to the company and ask if he needs help with directions or recommendations for good lunch places. Give him your extension number so he can call you if he needs assistance (and, hopefully, ask you out to lunch). If he's been around for some time, talk about a recent news event or ask him how he's settling in.

Hint: The office pantry is a great place to strike up a conversation, especially when the two of you are waiting for your turn to fill up your cups or tumblers.

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