How to make perfume last longer in humid weather

How to make perfume last longer in humid weather

How do I make my perfume last longer in humid weather?

As French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian puts it, hot weather is "not a good friend of perfume". This is because perfume evaporates more quickly when mixed with sweat or moisture.

Here are his tips on how to make your perfume last longer:

While labels such as eau de toilette (EDT) and eau de parfum (EDP) reflect the percentage of aromatic compounds in a fragrance and are guides to its intensity and longevity, they may not be an accurate indicator of a fragrance's lasting power.

This is because the amount and quality of perfume oils used varies between different perfume houses, so the EDT from one perfumery may be stronger than the EDP from another; even though EDPs are typically more concentrated.

While shopping for scents, Mr Kurkdjian advises that you spray your top two options on similar spots on different arms. This is so you can compare the two scents fairly, as different parts of your body generate different levels of heat.

A good place to spray is the inside of your wrist because that is where your pulse points are and the fragrance will smell stronger there.

Let the perfumes sit on your skin for the rest of the day. A long-lasting perfume lasts at least six hours; some can even last till the next day.

Another useful trick is to spray perfume on your clothing instead of your skin, so it is less likely to mix with your sweat and evaporate.

"That's what the French do in summer time," shares the perfumer.

Just make sure you spray about 20cm away from your clothing to avoid staining it.

The best way is to do so with your clothing on a hanger, so that the perfume can be sprayed evenly on it.

Alternatively, slather your body with moisturiser from the same fragrance, then layer the perfume over it to make the scent last longer.

Most brands have body lotions to accompany their fragrances.

This article was first published on June 26, 2015.
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