How to make sure you're removing all your makeup correctly at night

Make sure you put your best face forward by following these 'who knew?' makeup removal tips and tricks for thoroughly complete cleansing!Because cleanliness truly is next to gorgeousness, we dish the dirt, so to speak, on three of the most common cleansing boo-boos, and what to do instead:

1. Don't rely on cleansing wipes alone.

These seemingly perfect little pads may seem like a windfall for lazy ladies when it comes to late-night makeup removal. After all, what could be easier than fishing one out from a resealable package, sweeping it over your skin and calling it a night?

The ugly truth, unfortunately, isn't all that rosy. While their dirt-dissolving surfactants are much the same as those in wash-off cleansers, celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo cautions against depending upon wipes for all your cleansing needs: "Without a good rinse with water, wipes will inevitably leave behind a layer of grime, and cannot be counted upon as perfect substitutes for proper cleansing."

Bummer. What recourse, then, do we wipe worshippers have? If you must use a wipe, avoid unnecessary tugging around the delicate orbital and lip area, and always follow up with a quick splash of lukewarm water.

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2. Don't apply cleanser on damp skin.

Any beauty junkie worth her bath salt will be aware that you ought to use cleansing oils on dry skin - but did you know that cream formulas should go on dry as well? The rationale: This allows the oils in the lather to emulsify and "cling" onto dirt and debris before being swept off in the shower.

3. Don't rub your face with a wet cloth.

Harsh handling of post-shower skin is a surefire way of promoting premature ageing.Sure, the succour of a steaming warm washcloth is not without its merits - the fuzzy fibres are superb for sloughing dead skin - but the friction created by those very same fibres can result in "expression" lines; sort of like the "sleep lines" running down the side of your nose when your cheeks smoosh up against your pillow.

Oh, and repeated use of the same wet washcloth - an incubator for bacteria and other baddies - is akin to rubbing a whole new suite of gross germs right back into your cleansed skin, too. The solution? Splash off with fingers, then grab a (clean!) dry towel and pat gently to wick water off your damp skin.

Bottomline: At the end of the day, you do need a little water and elbow grease to take it all off - a small price to pay, really, for beautiful skin begins and ends with a perfectly clean canvas. Cheers to good complexion!

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