How much to put in the wedding hongbao?

Weddings are expensive.

They are typically a grand affair and every detail is nothing short of spectacular.

While couples worry about making their big day splendid without busting the budget, guests need to know how much money to give the pair.

We suss out the amount to put in the hongbao for weddings of the different races.


Madam Rosidah, 55, founder of Sapphire Weds, says it depends on your relationship with the couple.

Family members are usually more generous.


The amount given for a church wedding depends on the reception, and is generally between $30 and $50.

It also depends on your relationship with the couple.

Amounts ending with "1"

Madam Santhiya, 24, founder of Enigma Events, says the amount depends on the venue of the wedding.

But the average is about $101.

Even amounts

Mr Kenneth Tan, 35, founder of The Chinese Wedding Shop, says there is no standard amount, and it is usually based on each family's financial situation. But the average amount for a Chinese banquet wedding is around $150.

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