How to wear the lucky Chinese New Year makeup colour for every Zodiac sign

If there's only one colour to remember this Year of the Fire Monkey, this is it: Orange.

As feng shui shifu Rodika Tchi explains, this "fire" element will come in very handy indeed for complementing the fiery notes of the Fire Monkey Year - and what better way to incorporate orange into your beauty regime than a sexy slick of tantalising tangerine on your lips?

In a happy stroke of "luck" (so to speak), orange is as universally flattering as it is fortune-bearing. Worn judiciously as an accent colour, orange lips lend an instantly brightening effect to your face.

Another great thing about orange? It straddles an incredibly versatile yellow-red spectrum, which in turn affords you an expansive wonderland of warm to cool hues to play around with.


Photo: herworldPLUS

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If you're fair with cool blue undertones, opt for an orange that skews red. Richly pigmented coral lippies with silver flecks flatter your complexion without making you look washed-out.

If you're darker with warm undertones, choose a cantaloupe with a glimmer of gold; this will play up your bronzed tan and cancel out the slight green tint of olive brown skin. Easy enough, yes?

That's all well and good, but what about the rest of your face?

Dollei Seah, creative director of Makeup Entourage, has some sound advice for everyone, really: Don't forget the eyes - but don't overplay them, either. "I like sweeping a sandy shade all over the lids so as to make the orange lip pop," Dollei says."And don't do the matchy matchy thing; orange lips on orange lids on orange blush will make you look like a carton of Sunkist juice." Someone give her a red packet for most arresting metaphor ever!

Another top tip worth trying out: If you're concerned about creasing - as you should be with all lipsticks - remember to smoothen out your smackers with weekly sugar scrubs.

Right, then. I hope this has been a most illuminating primer on getting lucky with orange lippie. Have fun, and good luck!

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