The "I do!" diet

No matter how well you've planned your big day, one thing's for sure: It is going to be tiring.

Long hours of standing and moving (gracefully) in high heels will take a toll on your body if you don't feed it well.

As we know that you're also worried about unsightly bulges from eating, we asked Jaclyn Reutens, a dietitian on Shape's advisory panel, to list the fuel options that won't cause bloating.

Best of all, you won't feel deprived - this meal plan even includes carbs and dessert!

4am breakfast (150-200kcal)

Feeding your tummy foods that are easy to digest keeps it calm - and your digestive tract running smoothly.

1. Cereal drink with one slice of white bread (187kcal)
2. Milo with one slice of white bread (200kcal)
3. One bowl of porridge with egg (149kcal)
4. One bowl of porridge with shredded chicken (184kcal)

10am mid-morning drink (60-120kcal)

Beat the heat from the am sun by staying hydrated.

1. One can of sports drink (81kcal)
2. One small glass of apple juice (110kcal)
3. One cup of fruit cordial (80kcal)

1pm lunch (300-400kcal)

Recharge with a proper meal of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

Choose one serving (about a ladle's worth) from each category.

1. Carbohydrates

Fried beehoon (88kcal)
Mee goreng (113kcal)
Fried Hong Kong egg noodles (119kcal)
Chinese-style fried rice (148kcal)
Malay-style fried rice (138kcal)
Mee soto (56kcal)
Indian rice pudding (104kcal)

2. Protein

Stir-fried pork with spring onions (138kcal)
Stir-fried beef with mixed vegetables (82kcal)
Stir-fried beef with leeks in oyster sauce (154kcal)
Stir-fried fish with tau cheo sauce (123kcal)
Stir-fried chicken with almonds (142kcal)
Kung pao chicken (17kcal)
Mapo tofu (150kcal)
Hot-plate tofu (150kcal)
Stir-fried tofu with char siew, mushrooms
and peas (75kcal)
Malay chicken stew (84kcal)
Mutton soup (58kcal)
Tandoori chicken (131kcal)
Fish tikka (103kcal)

3. Vegetables

Stir-fried mixed vegetables (43kcal)
Chap chye (62kcal)
Stir-fried long beans (32 kcal)

Tip: Three days before

Avoid these foods to prevent…

Weight gain: Deep-fried or creamy food.
Water retention: Processed food like sausages, pizzas and pies.
Sugar cravings: Chocolate, ice cream, sweet drinks and desserts.

Tip: Hydrate, hydrate!

Sip water throughout the day.

If you take in big gulps, you risk getting water retention, which can make your face look puffy, says dietitian Jaclyn Reutens.

3pm mid-afternoon drink (60-120kcal)

You're halfway through the day.
Drink up if you have no time for a bite.

1. One can of sports drink (81kcal)
2. One small glass of apple juice (110kcal)
3. One cup of fruit cordial (80kcal)
4. One cup of Milo (123kcal)

4pm mid-afternoon snack (100-150kcal)

Stave off hunger pangs and fatigue with one of these small nibbles.

1. Three plain, dry biscuits (110 kcal)
2. One slice of white bread with jam (129kcal)
3. One slice of white bread with chocolate spread (142kcal)

8pm dinner (300-400kcal)

You'll probably spend more time entertaining than eating, so get someone to set aside some food for you.

Aim for one serving each of carbohydrates and vegetables, and at least two servings of protein.

Skip battered foods and don't take extra gravy, so you can save some calories for dessert!

1. Carbohydrates

Chinese-style fried rice (148kcal)
Glutinous rice in lotus leaf (153kcal)
Fried ee mee (104kcal)
Fried Hong Kong egg noodles (119kcal)
Dahl (lentils) without coconut (54kcal)

2. Protein

Drunken prawns (41kcal)
Steamed prawns (101kcal)
Roasted chicken (122kcal)
Steamed white pomfret (54kcal)
Malay beef stew (97kcal)
Sambal sotong or squid (92kcal)
Tamarind prawns (71kcal)
Mutton with lentils and vegetables (81kcal)

3. Vegetables

Braised mixed vegetables (27kcal)
Stir-fried broccoli (40kcal)
Stir-fried lady's finger (40kcal)

4. Dessert

Red bean soup (200kcal)
Honeydew with sago (118kcal)
Almond jelly (219kcal)
White fungus and lotus seed soup (160kcal)
Glutinous rice ball with peanut filling (144kcal)
Ondeh-ondeh (176kcal)
Kueh lapis (147kcal)

Just for him

So your friends are ready to rag your hubby-to-be and his groomsmen with some nasty concoctions (something sour, sweet, bitter and spicy).

Jaclyn offers tips to help the guys ready their tummies for the dietary assault!

Eat some starchy foods. Think rice, noodles, potato, pasta or bread as well as non-acidic fruits like pear, honeydew and grapes. These will help line the stomach.

Drink water. It will help dilute their stomach contents.

Steer clear of buttery/oily food. Greasy nosh may nauseate him.


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