'I may get back with Faye Wong now that she's also divorced': Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse has dropped a cheeky hint that he is ready to get back into dating after his divorce from Cecila Cheung when he said that he wouldn't mind patching things up with ex-flame Faye Wong.

TVB News World reported that when the Hong Kong actor was asked about netizens clamouring for him to get back together with Faye, who is also divorced after separating from her husband Li Yapeng, he flashed a smile and answered: "I want to!"

Speaking at a promotional event for his new film, As the Light Goes Out, Tse also opened up on his grandmother's death in Australia recently.

"...I am affected, but I don't want my affairs to affect work. (Our) family will present incense sticks together at the suitable moment.

"If I have time, I may go to Australia, he said.

He also refuted rumours that Cheung forbade their two sons from attending the funeral in Australia, and added that he is looking into matters concerning his boys after they were reportedly absent from school due to their mother's constant travelling.

"...I am already taking care of it very urgently," he said.

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