'I want to experience being a mother'


In December, Pan Run (not her real name), a company owner in Shanghai, traveled to Los Angeles to have 12 eggs extracted and stored.

I am 35 this year, but I have never thought that I might not have the chance to become a mother.

Last year, I made the decision to freeze my eggs to protect my fertility rights and provide some insurance for myself.

I have been married for eight years, but I can't see any hope of having a baby with my husband.

My life is pretty busy because I work for myself, entertaining customers and managing my staff every day. I have many hobbies and enjoy traveling, which fills my life with color. I am rarely bored.

However, a year ago, I suddenly realized that even though I couldn't see a future in my marriage I needed to experience life as it should be.


A friend recommended the egg-freezing service, so I decided to give it a try.

I don't expect my child to care for me when I am old, but I would like to experience being a mother.

To shorten the egg extraction procedure, I began injecting myself with a chemical that promotes ovulation five days before I left for the US.

I remember the first time I tried to inject myself in the belly. I was so nervous I couldn't find the right spot and broke the needle into pieces all over the floor. I spent nearly two hours getting the first shot right.

With three injections every day, the process took about 10 days until I arrived at the assisted fertility center in Los Angeles.

I couldn't imagine the worst-case scenario for egg freezing, but I knew the technology was a way of allowing me to live boldly and ensure a choice for myself.

Now, even without a baby, I have my own career and enjoy spending time with my friends.

This year, I will return to Los Angeles for a second bout of egg extraction. I plan to have 10 more eggs stored for five years.

I am not sure what will happen with my marriage in the future, but I know that when the right time comes, I will have my own "insurance".

Pan Run spoke with Xin Wen.