If you see Jeffree Star's concealers on sale, don't buy it

PHOTO: Youtube/jeffreestar

Just a few weeks after Jeffree Star released his Blue Blood collection, he revealed that thieves have stolen US$2.5 million (S$3.4 million) worth of makeup, including a never-been-released concealer. What's worse is they're being sold on the makeup black market.

Jeffree posted a video earlier about how his warehouse was broken into and ransacked on March 16. "This is the biggest theft I have ever experienced in my entire career. This is my biggest hit as a brand. I am still shocked about the entire thing."

According to Jeffree, the intruders came into through the roof of his storage facility, got boxes of makeup, and loaded them up in a truck. TMZ also obtained a photo that showed a hole on the building's rooftop.

One of the items that were stolen was an entire shade of the Magic Star concealer, a product Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been formulating for a year now and has yet to formally launch. A couple of weeks after the heist happened, someone posted a photo of the stolen product in a Facebook group.

"The people who broke into my facility-they are black market makeup dealers," he said. This is also similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills robbery last year wherein thieves got US$4.5 million worth of eyeshadow palettes. However, Jeffree has yet to confirm if these are the same people who targeted his company.

Jeffree added that he's closely working with an investigative team to find the people responsible for this. They were also able to track down and arrest the person who originally posted the photo of the Magic Star concealer on social media.

If you happen to find someone selling Magic Star concealers online, don't buy it-even if the low price tempts you. Remember they are goods obtained by illegal means.

What's the next step for Jeffree after this ordeal? He said he's still pushing through with the Magic Star concealer launch later this month. He teased that it will have 30 shades and will come with eight setting powders. He added that he's going to make sure no one will break in his storage facility ever again.