I'm actually a female chauvinist

I'm actually a female chauvinist

Hong Kong actress-singer Charlene Choi - known to fans as Ah Sa - from Cantopop duo Twins, takes on the role of a talent manager in Hong Kong comedy The Midas Touch.

The 30-year-old speaks to My Paper about the showbiz industry and Twins co-member Gillian Chung.

The Midas Touch is about the ugly side of showbiz. Have you had any personal experiences?

Not personally. The trick is to find a good manager. My own manager, Mani Fok, can hold her liquor very well. She will drink for me.

If people continue to press me to drink, I would just tell them that I have a problematic digestive system. They will usually back off after that.

Have you considered being a talent manager?

I have actually considered being one. I like to hold meetings, and I always get a sense of satisfaction when I come up with great ideas.

However, after seeing how my own manager has suffered, I dropped the idea. Because we are close friends, she struggled with making certain decisions. It's a difficult job.

Gillian and her Korean boyfriend Tyler Kwon broke up in July. Did you try to set her up with anyone new?

She is a beautiful woman. If she wants to find a boyfriend, there is no doubt that she would be able to find one.

I do try to look out for guys whom I think might be suitable for her. But our tastes are very different, so it is difficult.

How are your tastes different?

Gillian likes male chauvinists, whereas I prefer men whom I can click with. We have to have the same thoughts, (be on the) same frequency.

I don't mind being with a chauvinist, but he has to understand that I am a "female chauvinist" myself.

You recently experimented with sado-masochism in the music video for your song To Be Kind To Women. How was that like?

When I was approached with the idea, there was a lot of news around the world about women being abused.

The whole idea of the music video was to raise awareness of the matter and tell people that women are to be doted on.

I would not want such a (sado-masochistic) relationship in real life, because I believe that love should be sweet and not painful.

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