It costs $109,000 to get Mariah Carey camera-ready

It takes a lot to make Mariah Carey look good in photos - US$84,591 (S$108,980) to be exact, according to a recent claim.

The cost of primping the diva was revealed by US celebrity news site TMZ after a photographer sued the songstress' record label.

The photographer, who was not named, claimed he was owed fees of US$150,000 after the shoot for the singer's album cover was cancelled without reason.

More shocking however, was the breakdown of costs revealed in legal documents obtained by TMZ.

This includes US$65,391 for a stylist, US$9,600 for a hairstylist, US$7,200 for a make-up artist, and a manicurist fee of US$2,400.

The costs come up to US$84,591, to which the photographer added his own fees to make the US$150,000 claim.

According to The Daily News and TMZ, the record label, Def Jam Recordings, said they never fully agreed on the contract and are not liable.