Jacky Cheung denies cheating on wife with personal assistant

Jacky Cheung has rubbished reports published recently that claimed he may be cheating on his wife, May Lo, with his assistant, Julia.

In their 17-year relationship, Jacky and May have been known to be one of Hong Kong's golden couples. However, it has also been reported that May governed the Cheung household strictly, preventing Jacky to keep dogs as pets at home and only allowing English to be spoken at home so their daughters can become more proficient in the language.

Now that May is in England, reports have opened speculation on the possibility of Julia becoming Jacky's new woman, reported Jaynestars.

Julia became Jacky's assistant in 2010 when she recommended herself for the job. Before becoming his assistant, Julia was widely known to be a massive fan of the pop star. Having been in his Taiwan fan club for over 20 years, it was a dream come true for Julia when she transitioned as Jacky's close personal assistant.

Roughly half a year ago, it was speculated that Julia successfully gained access to Jacky's mother's large complex apartment to take care of the elderly Mrs. Cheung. Julia also acted as a nanny for Jacky's younger daughter. As Julia gained increased status within the Cheung household, she allegedly forced out two of Jacky's former assistants and even May's chauffeur.

While Julia has been stepping her foot into the Cheung household, May was nowhere to be seen. An insider revealed that May is currently in England under the pretense of finding schools and preparing for her daughters' education, but in reality, she is taking time off to relax.

At a press conference in Malaysia on November 8, Jacky dispelled the rumours that he has any romantic ties with Julia. He expressed that the relationship with his assistant "is purely based on work and friendship" and that the rumours have damaged his assistant's reputation.

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