Jacky Wu forbids daughter, 25, to have 'bun in the oven' before marriage

Call him traditional but Taiwanese host Jacky Wu has told his daughter upfront in a press interview that he does not want her to be pregnant before marriage.

His daughter, Sandy Wu, is a TV personality and has hosted shows such as Chinese MTV Chart Show and Super Followers.

The seasoned host has been guiding his 25-year-old daughter in showbiz and the pair will be co-hosting a variety show for the first time.

When Jacky made his showbiz debut 21 years ago, he was forced to admit that he was married with four kids at a press conference, reported My Paper.

Sandy says she was not hurt by the scandal and sees her father's actions as his way of protecting the family.

She also feels very fortunate that she has not been attacked by netizens like other fellow young celebrities Ouyang Nini or Na Na for being the second generation offspring of established stars.

In terms of dating, the 25-year-old confessed that she does not have experience in love.

Her dad jokingly said that Sandy can date any time but the best age to get married is at 32, just like host and news anchor Patty Hou did.

However, the senior Wu also laid some rules for her - no pregnancy before marriage, and her other half must be a Christian.