Jade Seah on the home front

Jade Seah certainly has a lot going for her: Besides fronting campaigns for big names like fashion label Topshop and beauty brand Clarins, the 32-year-old is also busy producing videos for her personal Youtube channel, where she offers her 16,000-strong subscribers everything from style tips to street interviews.

When she does have some downtime, Jade enjoys luxuriating in the comforts of home. And when you see what her abode is like, you'll understand why she wants to spend more time in it!

Located in Tanjong Katong, the loft-style shophouse exudes a quirky yet homey vibe, and is filled with vintage curios - a refreshing change from the minimalist-chic aesthetic currently in vogue.

Jade and her husband, Terence, tied the knot in January this year, and spent almost one and a half years refurbishing the once "dark and claustrophobic" space. "Everything in the house was a hideous reddish-brown colour, which was really off-putting," recalls Jade. But the couple saw plenty of potential in the unit and were especially taken by its original high ceilings.

To build their dream home, they removed the false ceilings, changed the plumbing, rebuilt the kitchen and bathroom, constructed a loft and installed skylights.

The couple also scoured flea markets around the world and sourced online for an eclectic mix of furniture and knick-knacks to fill the space. "I think that every house should reflect its owner's personality, and be filled with items that hold personal meaning," explains Jade.

And that labour of love has paid off. "I was never much of a homebody, but I now enjoy spending a lot of time at home! My friends love coming over to my place too - be it for lunch, or simply to chill out over a drink or two," laughs Jade.

Jade's tips for sprucing up your home

1) Be practical

Think twice before building or buying something. "For instance, my husband and I had a bar counter installed as we both appreciate alcohol, but we don't use it as it's too far from the living room."

2) Use uniform clothes hangers

"This easy trick can make your wardrobe, especially an open concept one, look a lot neater."

3) Accessorise!

"Using small decor items, such as candles and photo frames, is the easiest way to jazz up your home. I also love fresh flowers - they're an indulgence, but they go a long way in livening up a space."

4) Contain your mess

"I'm a messy person, so containers are a godsend! And I don't just mean boxes and plastic containers - trays, for example, are great for storing jewellery."

5) Don't rush into buying furniture

"Don't rely on just one store for your furnishing needs. It's more fun to take your time and collect statement pieces, especially on your travels. A hodgepodge of unique furniture adds character to your home."

This article first appeared in the August 2015 issue of Simply Her.

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