Jade Seah wears the pants

Married life has been good for local actress and host Jade Seah, especially when it comes to fashion.

The 32-year-old - who married Mr Terence Lim, 32, who works in finance, in February - told The New Paper: "I borrow my husband's clothes. I borrow his shirts, tees, berms, pants, belts and watches."

She added with a laugh: "Now I have twice the number of clothes that I used to have."

Seah, who stands at 1.7m, describes her personal style as "a little girly and a little tomboy-ish".

"I don't like things that are overly womanly or sexy, which is why I like to borrow my husband's clothes," she said.

"Sometimes he complains, but sometimes he would say, 'Wow, that looks good on you'."

Seah, who is the face of fashion website styleXstyle, takes pride in her dressing when she steps out.

She names her grandmother as a huge influence, saying: "She's very prim and proper. She's 82, but she still makes an effort. She makes sure her clothes are pressed and her things match. She always looks neat and put-together and I guess that has stuck with me."

These days, the chatty presenter spends most of her time working on her YouTube channel, which has 18,000 subscribers. She started it a year ago.

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On average, Seah uploads one video a week, focusing on fashion and lifestyle topics.

She also works with fashion-related brands to produce videos, which allows her to exercise her creativity.

"Sometimes, I make videos based on questions that online users send me, such as how to wear flare pants. I am working to increase the production value of my videos, so that can be a challenge," she said.

"However, it is very rewarding and I hope to see the channel grow in the coming year."

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Photo: The New Paper

When it comes to red carpet events, figure-hugging outfits or prom dress lookalikes are a no-go.

Seah, who likes vintage gowns and jumpsuits, said: "My figure is like a boy's and I am not that shapely.

"Jumpsuits (like this one from Whole9Yards) are easy to wear for someone lanky like me."

She added: "I usually carry a clutch as it is a nice addition, but it does not steal the attention from the outfit."


Photo: The New Paper

She has owned this pair of old Levi's 501 jeans since she was 14 years old. Over the years, she has cut out the waistband and sewed pockets on.

She also pairs them with singlets or white tees.

"I wore them all the time when I was in university," she said,

"They are falling apart, but I still wear them now. They have seen me through a lot."


Photo: The New Paper

Seah, who likes all things comfortable, finds that rompers are a no-brainer.

"I don't like clothes that are tight, so I always turn to rompers for functional reasons," she said.

"I usually don't wear black, but this particular piece has a flattering cut. I bought it in Bangkok for less than $100."

She pairs her outfit with a bucket bag and flat sandals.


Photo: The New Paper

It's difficult for Seah to find a dress that she likes as she does not go for styles that are too sexy.

This white dress from Singapore-based fashion label Whole9Yards makes the cut, with its scallop edges, flare skirt and textured material.

"I chose a pair of red heels and kept everything else monochrome so that the colours of the heels will pop," she said.

"Sometimes, my husband surprises me with a nice night out at a restaurant or a bar, and this outfit, which is quite girly, suits the occasion."


This article was first published on November 6, 2015.
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