Janet Hsieh, George Young can't wait for overdue baby to come out and play

[UPDATE: Oct 11] The wait is finally over. Janet Hsieh has delivered a bouncing baby boy on Wednesday morning (Oct 11) after 38 hours of labour.

The couple shared the good news on Facebook, with Hsieh announcing: "It's a boy!" and Young praising his wife: "I have a son. Janet Hsieh is Wonder Woman."

Young also had a hand in delivering the 3.65kg baby and cut his umbilical cord under the doctor's guidance.

It was not an easy birth too, with the overdue baby's head being big for a natural delivery, Apple Daily Taiwan reported.

I have a son. Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬 is Wonder Woman. I'll figure out the rest later.

Posted by George Young on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

At 41 weeks along, she looks ready to pop anytime.

And Taiwanese host Janet Hsieh and her hubby George Young can't wait to welcome their baby, who is past its due date of Oct 2.

So, the anxious parents are trying out natural ways of inducing birth such as bouncing on a yoga ball, eating spicy food, and dancing among other cheeky tips in a video clip they posted on Facebook.

我們的baby真的住的太太太太太太太舒服了!已經超過預產期一個禮拜但還是不想退房, 所以我們上網查了一些自然催生的方法來試試. George Young #Week41 - a week past Due Date...time...

Posted by Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬 on Sunday, October 8, 2017

Being heavily pregnant has not stopped the active mum-to-be from doing a host of other things either.

Just last month, Hsieh surprised commuters at the busy Taipei main station by joining 20 other expectant mums in a flash mob dance.

Challenging the notion that pregnant women can't dance, they gyrated to the beat of a music track while showing off their baby bumps in midriff-baring shirts.

Well, baby still doesn’t want to come out and one of the ways to naturally induce is to DANCE - Maybe I should join in...

Posted by Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬 on Friday, October 6, 2017

In a Facebook post, the 37-year-old wrote that staying active during pregnancy had helped her to prepare her body to "deal with discomforts like backaches, a sore waist, and morning sickness."

Of course, this can only be done after getting the OK from the doctors, she said.

And like many first-time mums, Hsieh wrote that she had many doubts during her pregnancy, but that changed when she realised that "there's a lot more that pregnant women can do than what they can't do."

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited, nervous, scared, ecstatic, confused, worried and so many other...

Posted by Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬 on Monday, October 2, 2017

To document the pregnancy, the couple came up with a series of fun challenges.

These included finding who has gained more weight (Young is still heavier, by the way) and how to properly wrap a baby carrier around the body, among others.

The daddy-in-training could also be seen brushing up on his baby swaddling skills in another video clip as the due date approached.

Of course, there was the ubiquitous nude photoshoot and an underwater maternity shoot to commemorate this very special phase in Janet's life.

While the baby's gender is yet to be revealed, the couple is already taking bets on when he or she will arrive.

Let's hope Janet and George will get to meet their little one real soon.

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