Japanese novelty T-shirt creates optical illusion of breasts

Whether flat- or fuller-chested, anyone can have a greater sense of volume with this T-shirt.

Known for their "humorous art and design," ekoD Works fashion company recently unveiled a T-shirt that will undoubtedly capture the attention of many.

The clever design uses mapping technology to create the illusion of breasts, quite literally putting them on the grid.

Village Vanguard, the online shop through which the shirt is being sold, describes the product as "a T-shirt that realises a delusional world that people are envisioning secretly."

A quick look at the shop website reveals that this is not the first time Village Vanguard has played with illusory breasts.

The company actually has several Delusion mapping T-shirts, ranging from shirts that reveal breasts through fake fabric tears, zipperseyelets, and even a soaking wet cloth.

This time, the brand tries its hand at creating an implied image instead of a false one.

Photo: Village Vanguard

The Illusion Grid T-shirt gives viewers the impression that they're looking at a busty chest, regardless of whether or not the wearer is actually well-endowed in the upper body department.

The optical effect works so well that we still see a pair of bosoms on the garment, even when no one is wearing it.

Photo: Village Vanguard

The side-view reveals a different story, however.

Photo: Village Vanguard

Thus, the sight ordinarily achieved with a tight-fitting T-shirt can be done using this loose one.

Photo: Village Vanguard

To further add to the comfort of this top is the fact that it is made with all-natural cotton.

The Illusion Grid T-shirt is currently on sale for 3,888 yen (S$50) and is scheduled for shipment in late June of this year.