Jay Chou and model-wife hold third wedding in Gold Coast

SINGAPORE - After two wedding banquets, 37-year-old Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and his model-wife Hannah Quinlivan held a third one in Gold Coast, Australia on Mar 9.

According to Asian entertainment site Asianpopnews.com, the most recent banquet was held for Quinlivan's relatives in Australia. The 22-year-old's father is an Australian.

The banquet was also specially catered for Quinlivan's grandparents who could not travel to England and Taipei to attend the previous wedding ceremonies held there.

Spotted in a blue gown and a blue suit, the couple were seen on a beach together in the photos which Chou shared on social media.

He said: "A simple and formal wedding in Australia. The blue sea and beautiful scene are well-suited. Let's have more of these colours this year!"

Chou's friends also reportedly danced to his song, Ukulele, as they welcomed the couple, reported Asianpopnews.com.

After cutting the cake, the couple then proceeded with a "simple lunch".

Chou's previous two wedding banquets in England and Taipei were held on Jan 18 and Feb 9 respectively.

The church wedding in England was a romantic fairy-tale-like ceremony while the Taipei banquet followed that of a circus, with an amusement park set up.

According to reports, Chou held the second banquet in Taipei for his grandmother.

"My grandmother couldn't take the long flight to the wedding in Europe before this, so the most important thing tonight is my grandmother,"  he said.