Jay Chou finally reveals touching meaning behind daughter's name

Since Jay Chou's daughter (Hathaway) was born, Taiwanese King of pop, Jay Chou has reduced his workload.

A few nights ago, Jay attended a mobile phone event and Hathaway was the protagonist of the night, reports Asian E-News Portal.

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Jay was happy to answer any questions and even revealed that he is very skilled in changing his daughter's diapers and feeding her milk. He also shared that whenever his daughter cries, the dog at home would start barking.

For Hathaway, Jay rejected a New Year's Eve show, a Weiya show, other profitable special performances and more. His aim is to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

He even said: "My future is no longer a director, because it uses too much time and effort".

When asked about the meaning of his daughter's name 'Hathaway', he explained Hannah (Quinlivan) + thaw (melt) + Jay (Jay Chou) = Hathaway.

It is just like Hannah melting the heart of Jay. Jay said Hannah was the one who thought of the name and even praised his wife for being very thoughtful.

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