Jay Chou to hold two wedding banquets

Now that his relationship and impending marriage to model Hannah Quinlivan is out in the open, Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou has further revealed that he will be holding two wedding banquets.

The singer confirmed during a recent press appearance in Taipei that one wedding will be held in Taiwan and another overseas.

Chou shared that the wedding will happen "within these two months", before his 36th birthday which falls on Jan 18 next year.

"The media will be invited... but to eat, not to take photos," said Chou.

Responding to reporters queries, Chou said he has not proposed as he has been busy with his concerts.

His buddy, dance instructor Ice Cream, who was at the event, told reporters that he had "accidentally seen" their pre-wedding photos, reported Sohu.com.

He added that they ditched the usual wedding outfits for grand costumes and "it feels like a music video".

The proud matchmaker said Chou had gotten to know Quinlivan, 21, through him, after he invited her to one of their outings.

He said he felt that the model was "guileless and pure".

The soon-to-be Mrs Chou had gone on popular Taiwanese talkshow Mr Con and Ms Csi last week, where she inadvertently revealed her pet name for her beau - "Little Chou Chou".

When asked at the press event if everyone could call him that, Chou seemed stumped for a moment but replied: "It's ok, some fans call me that too," before being quickly ushered offstage.

On the talkshow, Quinlivan talked about her relationship with the Mandopop king for the first time, but she was tricked by co-host Dee Hsu into answering a question on Chou's sleeping habits.

"Does Jay Chou snore when he sleeps?" Hsu innocently asked.

"I haven't heard it," Quinlivan replied, before realising she had been duped into talking about spending the night with Chou, The Straits Times reported.

Hsu's co-host Kevin Tsai quickly smoothed away any awkwardness by saying: "They're getting married, this is normal."

According to China Times, Tsai said Chou had called to ask him to go easy on Quinlivan on the show, and to direct any difficult questions to him instead.

Other nuggets uncovered were that Quinlivan likes making desserts, and Chou likes eating them. When he cooks, she stays beside him and cuts vegetables.

She also talked about the first time they held hands, reported China Times. It was at a horror movie and she was shielding her eyes with her hands. That was when Chou pulled her hands down and held them, she said, drawing screams of delight from the show's crew.