Jay chou's sincere lover or scheming lolita?

Jay chou's sincere lover or scheming lolita?

She was discovered when she was just 14 years old.

But Australian-Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan's career was lacklustre.

That was, until, she was photographed in the arms of Taiwan's superstar singer Jay Chou. Suddenly, she was hot.

Quinlivan, 18, who has an Australian dad and a Korean-Taiwanese mum, was discovered on the Jacky Wu variety show Guess when she was a teen with chubby cheeks.

Although she joined the cast of the Blackie Chen variety show Blackie's Teenage Club, her career was not going anywhere.

Then a photo was published in August of Quinlivan and Chou, with his arm around her in France - proof of their romance after six months of rumours - and she was thrust into the spotlight.

She was given star treatment in Taipei last month at an event for the jewellery house Qeelin and was the last celebrity to be introduced.

She earned NT$150,000 ($6,400) for the event, NT$30,000 more than she would have usually, said China Times.

Last month, Quinlivan confirmed a report that she had dated Lee Chuan, a Z-list regular from Lollipop, the sister show of Blackie's Teenage Club, when she was 16 and he was 18. But they broke up because her agent disapproved, she said.

Reading between the lines, China Times noted: "In other words, the agency has no objection to her relationship with Jay."

But she may be more interested in being Mrs Jay Chou than becoming a supermodel.

At the Qeelin event, she was asked when she would be ready for marriage and she answered: "Now is okay."

Chou, 32, who has been linked with many beautiful women in the past decade, denied reports that he had married Quinlivan in France and spent their honeymoon in Japan last month.

He said that if he was going to walk down the aisle, he would announce it.

Asked if he had someone in mind, Chou replied: "This question is quite special. Let me think about it and I will tell you (later)!"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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