Jay Chou's wife shares touching and funny details of motherhood

New mother of a baby girl, Hannah Quinlivan, has shared details of her pregnancy and feelings towards motherhood in the latest issue of Elle magazine.

According to Entertainment News QQ, the young mother who just gave birth in July revealed that the delivery was not a smooth one.

The 21-year-old said she had given birth by Cesarean section (C-section) during which she suffered a deep cut.

But the pain was worth it, she said when she got to hold her baby girl, affectionately nicknamed "Xiao Chou Chou", for the first time.

Quinlivan said at that moment, she felt the bond that mothers had with their babies and said the pain was worth it.

The model also said that during her pregnancy, she forced herself to eat things she normally didn't enjoy, notably kidneys.

She didn't dare to eat kidneys in the beginning, but after knowing its health benefits, she ate them to keep her body strong for post-pregnancy recovery.

Quinlivan also shared an anecdote during breastfeeding.

When she looks at her baby's photo, her milk production increases, according to her nurse. She was surprised how different her body has changed and can react after pregnancy. 

Her sentiments towards motherhood and her new born baby have touched many fans.