Joanne Peh shares adorable photo of "Baby Qi" on Instagram

Joanne Peh shares adorable photo of "Baby Qi" on Instagram

Joanne Peh has shared adorable photos of her baby daughter on Instagram.

The 32-year-old who is married to China-born actor Qi Yuwu gave birth to 'Baby Qi' last month.

Peh recenly shared an adorable snap of the cutie "chilling after milk".

On her Instagram post, Peh wrote:

"Everyone says breastfeeding is hard but no one tells you how hard. I figured that is because every mom has different challenges with their babies.

"I visited the lactation consultant at @mountelizabethsg and feeling so much more assured and confident. "She also suggested to put baby in a bouncer after feed if she isn't sleepy and I did. Seems baby likes it too! #babyjörn #bouncer #mothercare."

The new mother also shared other precious photos of the heartwarming moments she and her daughter shared.

In the most recent post on September 6, Peh posted another photo of Baby Qi, this time outdoors in her pram. The photo looked like it was taken against the backdrop of the evening sky.

Peh also wrote about entering the "fourth trimester" of mummyhood and Baby Qi's upcoming first month celebrations, saying: "The days that have gone by since she was born have been filled with seemingly never-ending feeds and stolen naps.

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"The routine has left me with little time to reflect on my journey into this fourth trimester.

"On her impending full month, I marvel at how big she has grown since I first held her in my arms and wonder if she'll like dolls or bricks; dance or martial arts; art or music.

"I will always miss yesterday but I know tomorrow will never fail to surprise me.


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