Julia Roberts on why film isn't her top priority anymore

Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts takes on quite a different role in her new movie Secret In Their Eyes.

She plays a police officer whose world is turned upside down when she arrives at a murder scene to discover the victim is her daughter.

"Well difficult, hugely difficult but really a great opportunity to show such a giant distance in the life of one person," said Roberts about the role. "I don't think I've ever had a chance to cover so much time with one character."

The star's husband Danny Moder was the cinematographer on the film.

While the couple are clearly dedicated to their careers it appears their priorities have shifted since becoming parents.

Roberts said, "Well I think that passion for film making doesn't drive my life anymore, really but it is a great creative place that I appreciate, but I think more the idea of Danny and I being parents to these three small human beings, I think we're passionate about that and keeping them strong and happy and forward moving. It's a huge responsibility."

Secret In Their Eyes, goes on release on November 20.