K-pop girl group member Suzy shares makeup tips with fans

Singer and K-pop girl group Miss A’s member Suzy
PHOTO: OnStyle

Singer and K-pop girl group Miss A's member Suzy was the celebrity guest on cable channel OnStyle's beauty programme "Get It Beauty" on Wednesday.

The star revealed the secret every K-pop fan is craving to know -- the cosmetics she uses daily to shine both on and offstage.

She revealed her favourite products by taking out her pouch and placing the makeup items on the table.

Suzy took out a moisturizing stick shade used to contour the outlines of her face to give it an in-depth effect, saying that she adores lipstick in all forms -- matte and moisturizing.

The singer noted that applying finishing powder to a greasy lip will instantly make the texture matte.

She also said that dipping a makeup brush gently inside a moisture cream bottle will lead to more natural skin when applying foundation.

The Miss A member shared her beauty philosophy, saying, "I try to focus on antiaging, so after I cleanse my face, I let my skin absorb all the water before applying serum."

"I believe the skin is great when it radiates from the inside. I also care a lot about keeping it clean and clear."

OnStyle's beauty programme "Get It Beauty" airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m.