K-pop star Tzuyu chosen as most beautiful face in China

K-pop star Tzuyu.
PHOTO: YouTube Screengrab

Noted film critic and creator of the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year, T. C. Candler, released the 2015 ranking Sunday placing girl group Twice's Tzuyu at 13.

Tzuyu ranked above all the Chinese and Taiwanese celebrities, although she only recently made her debut and is just 16 years old. Other celebrities from the Chinese region included singer Zhu-zhu, Ju Jing-yi of girl group SNH48, and Song Seung-heon's girlfriend, Liu Yi-fei.

Recognizably, Nana of After School made it to the list, continuing her second year of glory. Following her lead, other Korean stars such as Yura of Girl's Day and Suzy of Miss A were also mentioned.

Candler's website (www.tccandler.com) has got a lot of attention as his Facebook page has posted the beautiful faces list for over 28 years. Regardless of its credibility, the list has become a sensation as it is includes celebrities from across the world.