Kid rocks

Kid rocks

"Eh, stop stoning!"

"Wah, you rock!"

Mr Loong has heard these expressions more often than most other people.

It's hard to avoid teasing him as his first name is Boulder.

"People don't believe my name is Boulder. Sometimes I even have to show them my IC to prove it," said the 25-year-old management associate.

He confessed he didn't have an easy time with the name when he was younger.

Said Mr Loong: "When I was growing up, people picked on my name, so much so that I'd even be ashamed of introducing myself."

But that was in the past.

He now relishes the uniqueness of his name.

"I think it's good now. My name helps to leave an impression and people tend to remember me more, which is great in my line of work," said Mr Loong.

He is not the only one in his family with a unique name.

His elder sister, 28, is Pebble. And their youngest sister, 21, is Coral.

The man behind their names is none other than their father, Mr Rocky Loong.

Mr Loong, 53, said: "My children's names are related to rocks and stones because I was a landscape specialist and I thought it would be cool to name them after my work."

The younger Mr Loong said with a laugh: "People seldom forget our names but we're usually asked to repeat the spelling. They always want to check if they have heard correctly."

He added that it has become second nature for them to explain the origin of their names.

And there were occasions when his name turned out to be quite apt.

During his university days for instance, Mr Loong was active in a cheerleading team called Ulu Pandan Wildcards.

"Of course I only had one position in cheer," he said, with a mock sigh.

"The base of the foundation."

This article was first published on January 18, 2016.
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