Kids cry for joy when they see her

The Internet's fascination with all things Frozen is not over just yet.

Miss Anna Faith Carlson, 18, became an online sensation when she posted a picture of her posing next to a cardboard cut-out of Queen Elsa a few months ago.

The teenager, who lives in Florida, in south-east US, is causing netizens to do a double take because of her uncanny likeness to the Disney character.

She noticed the similarities between her and Queen Elsa when she first saw the film in December.

"It's a crazy resemblance," Miss Carlson told the Orlando Sentinel. "Every time I watch (the movie), it's weird because it's like I'm watching myself. It's kind of creepy."

She has been dressing up as the Disney queen - complete with ice-blue gown and blonde ponytail - and making appearances in schools and hospitals.

Some children have been brought to tears just because they believe Miss Carlson is the real Elsa.

"It is all just so special. It's touching to bring life to a character in front of a child's eyes," she said.


Miss Carlson said she found fame on the Internet by posing for a picture next to a poster of Elsa she found at a shopping centre.

"I had just finished a modelling job in Orlando, and my mum and best friend wanted me to take a picture with the cut-out," Miss Carlson said.

"My hair was up and I looked like a mess, so I didn't want to at first."

But when she posted the photo to her Instagram account, the image instantly went viral.

Now, she gets fan mail every day.

And she appears to be building quite a following on the Internet, with more than 310,000 Instagram followers.

The aspiring actress is also hoping her online fame will secure her an audition to appear on TV fairy-tale drama Once Upon A Time, which is adding Elsa as a character next season, reported UK's Daily Mail.

This article was first published on June 16, 2014.
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