Korean celebrities' share their secrets for smooth skin

In every morning, we are busy preparing for school or work. However, every morning we have to suffer from swollen face which happened because of the late night meal yesterday, and troubles which happened because of deficient sleep.

In this case, makeup gets difficult regardless of how good toner, cream, or foundation we used. It's just impossible to complete the makeup. This makes us wonder how celebrities always maintain their moisturized and resilient skin conditions.

Let's not just stop envying them. By just investing an hour per day, you can have a moisturized and flexible skin like celebrities.

Moisture, base of flexible skin condition

How to eliminate the swell

Of course, late night meal is always delicious. However, as much as it is delicious, your skins will get damaged. Especially, oily late-night meal becomes one of the main reasons for edema and skin trouble.

Swollen eyes and face don't get easily covered by makeup. In this case, try doing the simple stretching or ice packing. Even more, you can eliminate the swell by gently pressing the temple with thumb or part between your thumb and index finger.

When your swell doesn't disappear even after these steps, use the cosmetic that contains immediate cooling and moisturizing effect. Recently, there is an eye stick that takes care of wrinkle treatment, whitening and moisturizing.

Tight and flexible Skin

How To provide Moisture

In order to maintain the moisturized skin, you have to drink more than 2L of water. This means water functions as very important ingredients of our body.

If our body lacks the water, our skins get drier during this cold weather. Because dry skins are vulnerable to wrinkles, it's important to drink enough water so that our skin can prevent itself from getting dry.

Tepid water is digested faster than cold water that it eliminates the wastes inside our body. After drinking lots of water, we could experience the brighter skin tone. Also, because skin rashes could happen because of deficient inside the body, we should make a habit of drinking lots of water.

Easiest way of providing the water is to use the mist. After using the mist that that provides immediate moisture, make sure to gently beat your skin with fingers so that your skin absorbs all the moisture. If not, moisture on your skin can evaporate with the mist, making your skin even drier. Using the product with hyaluronic acid is another way of caring dry skin.

Special Care for Special skin

Night Care

Most of the women have to wear the makeup for whole day. Trying to get out without any makeup makes them to feel embarrassed but wearing makeup for more than 10 hours makes them worry about the damage.

It is the night time that could take care of your damaged skin. You can have more effective treatment if you have a product that could fill the insufficient part of your skin. It is recommended to use the rich cream that could be burdensome to apply in morning. Using high moisturizing or high nutrients cream are also recommended.

In winter, using the natural essential oil is also recommended. Before using the oil, make sure to organise your skin texture with toner. In this way, you will be able to increase the absorbent rate and take care of the dead cells.

When applying the oil, gently press your face with your palms after rubbing together. Even more, making hands warm can create better effect.

▶▶▶ Editor's Recommendation

01 Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Cream The product is a night cream that makes your skin healthy and young while you are sleeping.

02 Naturelle d'Argan Pure Elixir by Ontree The product is made of 100 per cent natural argan oil and vitamin E that it contains antioxidant activity effect, protecting your skin from active oxygen.

03 Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick & Brightening Eye Base In the case of So Cool eye stick, the eye stick provides the moisture all around your eye. Made in stick eye serum, the product provides moisture, wrinkle treatment, and whitening. Brightening eye base is light and contains good texture that it could create fast cover with just one touch. The product is more effective when used with so cool eye stick.

04 Melvita Rose Floral Water Face water that includes extract from natural rose. The product contains good calming effect that it is recommended for sensitive skin. Gentle rose fragrant is also impressive.

05 VDVC Radiance Enhancer Cream The product provides liveliness, flexibility, and texture by activating the skin's channel. (photo by Tony Monly, bntnews DB, Melvita, VDVC, Ontree, Clarins)

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