Korean-Chinese celebrity couples in spotlight

PHOTO: Bom Film Productions, Osen

Korean actor Song Seung-heon confirmed dating Chinese actress Liu Yifei on Wednesday, joining the list of Korean-Chinese celebrity couples who proved that love transcends languages and borders.

Who are some of the famous Korean-Chinese celebrity couples in the entertainment industry?

Song Seung-heon, Liu Yifei

Song, 38, and Liu, 27, confirmed they are together following a Chinese media report that two are dating and revealed photos of the couple visiting the actress' vacation home in Beijing.

They first met on the sets of the romantic film "The Third Way of Love" in 2014, in which they starred as a couple. The film is scheduled for theatre release in China in September.

Hallyu star Song began his entertainment career in 1995 as a model. He first became known to the public through popular sitcom "Three Guys, Three Girls" in 1996. In 2000, he starred in a hugely popular TV drama "Autumn in My Heart," which made him beloved both in Korea and overseas.

He is currently promoting his upcoming film "Wonderful Nightmare," alongside actress Uhm Jung-hwa, which will hit the theatres mid-August.

Liu, 11 years junior to Song, made her debut in 2002 Chinese drama "The Story of a Noble Family." She is known for starring in the Hollywood flick "The Forbidden Kingdom" in 2008.

Photo: Bom Film Productions

Tang Wei, Kim Tae-yong

Then there is Tang Wei, one of the most beloved Chinese actresses here, and her film director husband Kim Tae-yong.

They were privately married in July 2014 at the estate of legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman on Faro Island Sweden. Later the couple held a formal ceremony in Hong Kong.

Tang, 36, who rose to international stardom through Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution," met Kim, 46, through the 2009 film "Late Autumn" as actress and director, respectively.

After the film, they maintained a friendship until October 2013, when Tang visited for a commercial shoot. From then, they grew as a couple and finally tied the knot.

Chae Rim, Gao Ziqi

Korean actress Chae Rim married Chinese actor Gao Ziqi in China in October 2014.

They began dating when they appeared as a married couple in CCTV drama "Lee Family" in 2013. They officially announced their relationship in March 2014.

Chae, 36, made her debut by winning the beauty pageant Miss Haitai in 1994. She rose to stardom for her roles in "I'm Still Loving You," "All About Eve" and "Dal-ja's Spring." She married singer Lee Seung-hwan in 2003, which ended three years later.

Gao, 34, is a rising actor who is known for his role in the 2011 Hunan TV series "New My Fair Princess." He has starred in an array of TV series, including "Home Sweet Home," "Secret History of Princess Taiping and "Flowers in Fog."